Our hope is that you feel nourished and inspired by this healing weekend of classes and workshops.  Here’s some answers to questions folks have asked us over the years.

Please take the time to adequately prepare for the festival so that you feel comfortable and relaxed and have all of your needs are met.  Please read this FAQ thoroughly as there are many details that will be helpful to know.


When should I get there?


Arrival time: 3pm Friday unless you’re coming for Pre-Festival workshops. Check the website for classes and times.


Departure time: 4 pm Sunday

(Saturday Day Pass registrants should leave by 9:30 pm Saturday evening)

What toiletries and gear should I bring?  


There is are two outdoor showers and 3 composting toilets and an indoor bathroom with shower and toilet. 


  • Sunscreen

  • Hat/visor

  • Head Lamp

  • Water bottle

  • Insect repellent

  • Yoga Mat/props/cover up shawl

  • Tent, if you are camping. Fly, ground cloth

  • Sleeping bag, bedding, pillow if you are in the Bunkhouse

  • Towels for showering

  • Small first aid kit (epi-pens if necessary)

  • Extra clothes for layering.  Mornings can be chilly

  • Rain gear including umbrella 

  • Notebook and pens for journaling/taking notes


What should I bring for my children?  

  • Bathing suits

  • Towels

  • Snacks 


Do I need to bring my own tent and camping gear? Are there other accommodations?

If you are camping, you need to bring your own tent. We have a bunkhouse, which is shared space, with 8 beds as well as three indoor bedrooms in the main house. 


What should I bring for my own SNACKS? 

We will be providing delicious, locally sourced and vegetarian/vegan meals in keeping with yogic tradition, with whole, plant-based foods.

The first meal served will be dinner on Friday around 6pm.  If you know you will be hungry between meals or have blood sugar issues, we have a refrigerator and a kitchen, you can keep snacks there. 


When are MEALS served?

Check the website but here are rough estimates: Friday 6:30pm

Saturday:  Breakfast: 7:30am  Lunch 12:30 pm & Dinner 6:30 pm

Sunday:  Breakfast 7:30 am  Lunch 12:00  


As far as beverages, we will be serving yogi tea, herbal teas and water.  Non-dairy milk will be available. We will not be serving coffee, but there is a coffee maker if you are in need of coffee.


Should I UNPLUG? 

Yes! This weekend is a wonderful time to let your friends and family know you are going on a yoga adventure in the country and won’t pick up your phone! If you must stay connected, cell phone service here has been reliable.



There is limited electricity in the teaching yurt. Please turn off your cell phones during all classes! There will be limited lights for morning Sadhana.  If you are camping, please bring headlamp/ flashlight and extra batteries.  


What will I do for SEVA?

Seva is the yoga of selfless service. It is a tradition in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation that each participant at an event, volunteer for a needed task.  Seva helps deepen your dedication and connection to your spirit, to serving your community and a sense of oneness.  

Sign-up- choose your SEVA at the registration table when you arrive.

Each parent must volunteer for 1 hour of children’s camp Seva. You will work in children’s camp as an extra set of eyes and ears for the children’s comfort and safety. You don’t have to lead a class, unless of course if you’d like too!   If your child is over 12, and you want to do a class together, that’s fine. If your child is under 4 years old, it’s best to coordinate your own care. If you're wearing your baby and wish for them to be with you in a workshop, check with the teacher.   


What about CHILDREN? Can we do classes together? 

Children’s Camp is for children ages 4 – 12.  The weekend is designed so that your child has a meaningful experience making art, doing yoga, being creative, meeting other children- while you enjoy an equally amazing experience doing yoga, meeting fellow travelers and healing yourself on a deeper level. Teens over 12 are  welcome to take the adult yoga classes. 


All children under 18 should be supervised at all times, other than when they are in children’s camp.

I am not vegetarian or vegan. What will I eat?

There will be plenty of plant-based protein for you to eat. All meals will have protein, whole grains and lots of veggies.


I eat a lot of processed foods and sugar normally. Will this weekend be a detox for me?

Kundalini yoga is for healing, for cleansing and for rebalancing the body.  We offer a Juice Cleanse class to teach you more about detoxing you body. If you currently have a diet high in sugar, processed foods and fast food, you could detox very fast.  Please note, when you start cleansing the bodies system, there can be a healing reaction in the body ranging from emotional release, physical detoxification symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and digestive discomfort, so take it slow and keep yourself hydrated.   


We are offering a lot of classes. Making time to rest is highly recommended! Just being here is healing! 



Tell us! We offer gluten-free option and all meals are vegetarian/vegan.  We use organic for some but not all ingredients. If you let us know about your food allergy/sensitivity, we will do our best to accommodate.


Personal Habits: What if I snore or want to stay up late?

Please keep in mind that camping is very cozy and we’ll be close together.  If you snore or want to stay up late, please be mindful and camp in a place that respects lights out! 

What about the weather in Tennessee? 

Weather in May is unpredictable. It can be in the high 90s or chilly and rainy.  Bring rain gear just in case, electrolytes for extra hydration and extra clothes to change into. Hopefully, we’ll be blessed with lovely weather. 


Who should I call if I can not find it or need to COMMUNICATE?

Your GPS or Googlemaps should take you right here. 1201 Old Spears Road, Lenoir City, TN 37776. When you turn onto Old Spears Road, follow it all the way to the end. 


Any questions, email Nicole at: 865-548-8208 or yoganic2@gmail.com


                                     SAT NAM

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