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Vendor Application


Friday, May 22nd  3pm – 9pm

Saturday, May 23rd 9am – 6pm

Sunday, May 24th 9am – 4pm



  • $75 per day

  • $150 for Friday - Sunday

  • All fees are due no later than April 1, 2020.

  • We have a limited number of vendor spaces so please reserve your spot promptly. Your vendor fee is fully refundable until May 1st.

  • May 1st – 21st, all but $25 is refundable.

  • After May 21st, no refunds.



  • We offer our vendors 30% off for the weekend or day pass registration. (You will need to register for the weekend, if you plan on participating in the  classes, workshops and activities)

  • If your children will be attending the Children’s Nature & Arts Camp, but you are not registering, the cost is $15 per child per day,

  • If you will be joining us for meals but not registering, the cost is $12 per adult, per day, $6 per child, per day.


Please respect the flow of the festival, and only participate in the classes, activities and meals if you have paid to do so. 


Upon acceptance of your application, we may ask you to send us a sample of your product to. This will apply to bodycare or ingestible products.

Welcome Vendors!
Please send pictures of your product(s) to with product name in the subject line.
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